SOME BY MI - 30 Days Miracle Clear Spot Patch 18pcs - لصقات البثور من سوم باي مي

1.800 BD

SOME BY MI Clear Spot Patch عبارة عن رقع غروانية مائية قابلة للتنفس ومقاومة للماء تعمل على تسطيح البثور عن طريق امتصاص الصديد وحماية الجرح من العدوى البكتيرية. بقعة البقعة مناسبة للاستخدام أثناء النهار حيث تمتزج بسلاسة مع البشرة وتحت المكياج.

Add Some By Mi 30 Days Miracle Clear Spot Patch to your acne emergency kits. This skin-savior spot patch can absorb the gunk, oil, and dirt from the area quite effectively. Water-resistant and translucent, these are incredibly fast-acting so a zit won't stand a chance.

A set of 18 patches, Some By Mi 30 Days Miracle Clear Spot Patch provides a water-resistant and protective layer that treats and shields your breakouts. These acne patches are yet another K-beauty innovation that can keep your skin clear and healthy by absorbing excess pimple puss and eventually healing them. It also dutifully adheres to your skin, simultaneously pushing acne-busting ingredients into the infected pore while protecting said pore against outside bacteria. The spot patch is suitable for daytime use as it blends seamlessly into the skin. Available in 2 sizes, 10mm and 12mm to suit different sized blemishes.